Making technology work harder for you.

Horizon, the friendly face of technology for your business.


In this heavily digitized age, technology has naturally become part of the very fabric of business – whether you are an industrial business, in manufacturing, delivering professional services, or are a healthcare provider; IT is critical in delivering excellent customer service, keeping productive and profitable. As an expert within your industry field, many business leaders find themselves forced to learn a whole new world to ensure they maintain their competitive edge. Despite the benefits technology brings, it can be quite a burden for a business take on.


Horizon are the solution.


We proudly take ownership of the responsibilities of your technology. In our outsourced capacity, we act as an extension of your very own team – providing a personable, jargon-free approach to all of your tech needs. Our team of technologists collectively have decades of practical experience in blending IT to suit the front-line operational and commercial requirements in a variety of industry settings. We are here to understand what makes your business tick – developing detailed knowledge of your workflows and processes – which stands us apart from our competition in best tailoring technology to work around you.


Share with us your goals and vision for the future, and we’ll harness the power of technology to help you along on that journey.


Where did it all start?

It all began in 1984 – just west of Kenosha, right between Milwaukee and Chicago – Horizon (then known as Computer Technologies, Inc), was born. Founded as a custom software company, Horizon quickly grew a reputation as a friendly go-to partner that would always provide the right technology solution to a range of business challenges. We gradually progressed from a family run business to a diverse team with many differing talents, all while expanding our capabilities through a successful transition to a second generation of owners.



Technical & commercial aptitude with a whole lot of experience with technology.
People First

People First

Consultative, mindful and educators to those who require a helping hand.


All-inclusive, forward-thinking and extremely agile with modern solutions.
Trusted Specialists

Trusted Specialists

Reliability, fairness, openness and personable to each and every client.

Why should you use Horizon Managed Services?

There’s an iceberg in every business.

There are challenges and responsibilities that are visible above the surface – the things you tackle and solve day-to-day. But, beneath the surface, there is always a long list of invisible costs, risks and difficulties that can go unnoticed.


We can take care of your IT whilst you take care of running the business – stop worrying about what’s happening in the back, focus on what’s happening at the front. With the help of Horizon, we can guide your business by taking control of what lies beneath the surface, whilst you focus on taking your business to the next level.

iceberg new 2

These individual invisible issues result in a direct and costly impact on the business…

Loss of Productivity

A loss of performance, IT outages or complex and antiquated processes cause considerable and costly damage to your productivity. Time and money lost without being directly visible on your bottom line.

Loss of Reputation

Your reputation with both customers and staff can be impacted as a direct result of a poor experience with your processes or technology; or even worse should you become a victim of a cyber threat or failure in compliance.

Loss of Money

Ultimately, any impact to your operational performance will hit the business commercially. Any gap in your workflow, system reliability or customer service delivery will hit the business hard where it matters most.