We know what it takes to transform your business, and it starts with technology.

Tailored business solutions

With nearly 40 experience working in the industry, we hold specialist knowledge in catering technology for a variety of different sectors.


Our experience and knowledge can help keep your IT systems running, whilst providing the technology to push you forward.


Facing a number of unique challenges per day, we can focus on these to help benefit and increase your productivity.


We understand how important efficiency is to your business, we can provide solutions and technology to help you succeed.
Service Businesses

Service Businesses

Providing effective customer service is a critical aspect for all businesses, but you must have the latest tools.

Solving your industry-specific IT Challenges.


Your business needs an IT strategy to enable efficiency, growth and security. With many years of experience working with companies in the industrial industry, we are very familiar with the challenges you face. We know that you’re not just looking for great technology solutions but a partner to build a plan for the future.

Our framework of technology best practice alignment ensures your business can move forward with confidence, allowing you to grow and succeed with modern technologies and solutions.


Challenges Facing the Industrial Industry

Your internal IT team may need help covering IT issues or an engineer to fill the knowledge gap on a project. Help spread the load with Co-managed IT support.

Mix and match which services stay in-house and which you outsource to us. Co-management is an opportunity to create a partnership to compliment, enhance and support your existing IT team.


Growth rates in the manufacturing sector have been low over the past decade. This is a distressing time for businesses across all sectors, but as signs of a rebound start to appear businesses (particularly in manufacturing) are looking for ways to slim down their operations, reduce overheads, eliminate waste and increase productivity in order to stay resilient in an uncertain world.

The manufacturing sector is in the middle of one of the greatest transitions in its history often referred to as the ‘4th industrial revolution.’ Data-harnessing technology is more accessible than ever before; cheap data-gathering sensors and connectivity platforms are allowing companies to gather new streams of data and gain new insights from them in order to empower intelligent decision making.


Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry

Your IT systems have evolved to become a mission-critical part of your manufacturing business, especially following the increased use of automation and computer-controlled manufacturing techniques.

When your technology isn’t working as it should, it quickly impacts your bottom line through lost productivity. We understand that you need a solid technology platform and we are here to help, from your back-office IT to technology that supports the manufacturing process.

We not only work with these industries, but all SMBs.

At Horizon, we can work with any small and medium-sized business, we don’t hold specifics for industries, yet we can specialise and cater for those unique sectors. Providing expertise and the right technology to help advance and solve your IT challenges, making your business more efficient, more advanced, and more secure.


During every single hour of every single day, our technicians proactively monitor all the moving pieces of your environment. If we find an error, we fix it. If you need support, we hold you up. If your business is attacked, we fight the battle for you.


Maximizing efficiencies, improving the supply chain, and fulfilling customers’ orders are crucial to staying competitive in a globalized commerce economy. Being one step ahead in terms of technology can either make or break a logistics business. With the state of commerce rapidly changing, incorporating new technology is a must.

We understand your industry, the challenges and the IT tools you need to succeed. We offer a modern, creative, innovative solution that will transform the way employees work, collaborate, and make decisions.


Elevate your Logistics firm with modern IT solutions!

There are many benefits to partnering with an outside technology firm for IT solutions for distribution and logistics. Modern IT has the power to fully transform your business with enhanced operational efficiency, effective delivery systems, improved communications, efficient tracking systems and route mapping software.


The professional services industry is growing and it’s growing fast. With this growth comes increased project complexity. The challenge doesn’t lie with delivering a project. Instead, it’s about delivering projects fastermore efficiently and within tighter budgets. And all the while, customer needs should be met and expectations exceeded.

Customer expectations are rising and this is partly due to advances in technology. In order to provide the best service for your clients, you need to be utilising the latest tools and solutions the world has to offer.


Challenges Facing Service businesses

Having the right tools and technology can be pivotal in maximizing your productivity and efficiency. If you’re using outdated tools or old technology, you’ll be left far behind those who are using a variety of modern-day platforms such as Microsoft 365.

We also understand the importance of being able to work on the go and can implement solutions that allow you to work securely from anywhere, anytime on any device.